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BookADayUK Day 9: Fictional Crush

Torenhoog en mijlen breed: een toekomstverhaal - Tonke Dragt

Fictional crushes are a fact of life, I am sure. At least for people that I consider normal. But none of my adult crushes can hold a candle to my childhood crushes. In fact, what I am noticing with this challenge in particular is that many of the questions lead me to answer with childhood books. Books from before the time when I felt I had read it all before. Everything was just a little more impressive when I was more impressionable, I suppose.


So, anyway. Edu Jansen is the protag of this, as far as I know untranslated, book, called Torenhoog En Mijlenbreed (loosely translatable as Sky High And Miles Wide). The title refers to the forests on Venus that explorers from Earth come and explore in a century when there are no more forests on Earth (this was written in the 60s before the actual climate data from Venus were available). It's about the fear of the unknown and how to face it. Edu is drawn to the forests with a pull he doesn't understand and one that is certainly not approved by the powers that be. When Edu accidentally-on-purpose crashes in the forest he not only discovers intelligent 'aliens' (technically Edu is the alien, of course), he figures out they are telepathic and in the course of the story he figures out that he himself is telepathic too. So much angst and loneliness, people! How can you not love the guy?