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Happy to be Wrong

Lending Light - Rose Christo

This book has the sort of fragile beauty that makes you kind of forget that you're a cynical 40-something who has read it all before. I thought it'd be tedious to read the same story as Gives Light, but then from Rafael's POV. I've seldom been so happy to be completely and utterly wrong. Still, it probably helps that I read that book a while ago.

Rafael Gives Light (who should have been named Rafael Sees Light, or Rafael Touches Light) is one of those Christo MCs that just bowls you over with their ungainly vulnerability. He's probably my favorite. Maybe after Tommy from White Buffalo Calf Warriors, I don't know. I am not going to spoil the book by telling you why, read it yourself.

The book isn't perfect. Christo tends to be a bit repetitive, although it's really not that bad here. And the end is a bit abrupt. But hell, it's close enough, better than I remember Gives Light being, to give bunches of stars.