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I'm supposed to be reading this...

Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban

.... because Kate is a big mean bully.


Admittedly, this is my favorite Cut & Run book, because of all the campy cheesiness and the whole lotta fun going on if you ignore the glaring plot holes. In fact, 'FBI back up team stuck in a cruise ship pantry for a week' has become my yardstick for plot holiness. On a scale of 1 to FBI back up team stuck in a cruise ship pantry for a week, how hard did you roll your eyes? So I have actually reread this book before. But I guess I'm still peeved at B&C (which Kate also forced me to read. Just like Stars and Stripes. I am starting to sound like a spineless whiner. Thanks, Kate), so my desire to pick it up right now is a little lacking.


Yeah, I am going to read this. Soon. Ish.






But first I am reading No Homo. Don't tell Kate.