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I have finished a book!

Anyone who knows me knows that should be the most ridiculous statement ever because I read. All. The time. Page count not a issue. And yet, this is the first book I finished in the 2.5 months of 2014 that was not connected to a drinking game of some sort. I have read plenty of fanfics and as you can see by my 'currently reading' list I have started, yet failed to finish, a whole bunch of books. It's not like I am not reading.


This book that I finished being the second to last Temeraire book by Naomi Novik, it was also not an m/m book. In fact, looking at my shelves, the last time I read an m/m book (again, not counting fanfic) that wasn't a) for aforementioned drinking games or b) required for a review I'd promised, was last October. I have no urge to pick one up now. I think the love affair is officially dead......


This saddens me.