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Calmes Phones It In

Frog - Mary Calmes

So, normally, between the peacoats and all the stunningly beautiful people falling over themselves in their rush to adore the latest Jory-incarnation, Calmes at least has a kidnapping or two, or an evil/crazy ex to liven things up in typical Calmesian ways. This book has NOTHING. Dick all happens besides incessant back and forth whining between the MCs:


"I can't stay with you, because I am not worthy."

"You can't leave, because Twu Wuv."


Repeat ad nauseam.


Cy has all the personality of a clingy octopus (I suppose we have to be grateful he's not another Sam-incarnation, but I have a hard time feeling grateful for someone as spineless as Cy), his sister makes some really really stupid decisions throughout the book and in the epilogue chapter that are supposed to be justified by Weber Grill's personal brand of Total Awesome. Don't even get me started on the kids.


I totally won the Mary Calmes drinking game this time, though, because bonus points for calling Jory's cure of Micah's selective mutism when we first meet the kid. If Kate tells you otherwise, she's lying.