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Darkover: First Contact
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Another Rock Star
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Three Men in a Boat
Jerome K. Jerome
The Complete Sherlock Holmes with an introduction from Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan, Arthur Conan Doyle
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I Have These Books?

Chase the Storm - V.M Waitt Every Move He Makes - Barbara Elsborg Caught - A.B. Gayle Wings of Equity - Sean Kennedy Mummy Dearest - Josh Lanyon The Hot Floor - Josephine Myles Body and Soul  - Jordan Castillo Price Frog - Mary Calmes Deadly Nightshade - Victor J. Banis Angels of the Deep - Kirby Crow

Clearing out over a 1000 files in the 'Books' folder on my harddrive (mostly into their respective fanfic folders), I found a whole bunch of books I don't remember getting, let alone reading. More than booklikes will let me list here. The hell did these come from?