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Another Rock Star

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Another Rock Star - Paula Coots



I'm going to have to say this again. I'm realizing only now how used I am to the conversation structure in books and movies that goes like: bla bla bla....something of importance is said....cut to the next scene. They never show the winding down, the (awkward) extrication of the people involved, and other such conversational booby traps. I really love the wandering dialog in this, the meandering twists in the conversations, the shifting attitudes that can happen within one talk, the misunderstandings, the not having it pointed out with a neon arrow what is significant and what is not. Maybe it all is, maybe nothing is.


In other news: Reed is nothing like Daron, but Shane and Ziggy definitely share some personality traits. Good times.






The awkward and dysfunctional 'boundaries' talk with the bandmate-to-be makes me wonder why conversations in other books are always so polished. This reads so true. I have high hopes of this one dragging me out of my post-Daron book slump. Can the author keep this up for 330K? That is the big question.