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30-Day October Challenge: Day 25

Reblogged from Les Aventures De Léna Léna :
Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume One (Daron's Guitar Chronicles, #1) - Cecilia Tan

Day 25: Character you can relate to the most


As promised, more Daron today!


Daron is almost two years older than me, but I swear we were separated at birth. We're the Super Introvert Twins. Or at least we were. Daron's struggles with communicating and opening himself up to the people around him (read: making himself vulnerable to heartache and being fucking scared to death doing that) so closely mirrors my own struggles in my late teens and early twenties it is almost eerie. I'm not an introvert anymore, thanks to my ex-boyfriend who refused to swallow my non-answers to all personal questions and who taught me lots of fun stuff about anger, hurt and jealousy and such, but the process of coming out of my shell was fucking painful. But not as painful as feeling cut off from the rest of humanity by my inability to communicate through what I dubbed 'the glass wall'.


When I read about Daron's struggles, up to and including his fucked up relationship with Ziggy (hullo Ex!), I feel like I am twenty again and going through all that shit. I want to hug Daron, encourage him, tell him it's all going to be worth it in the end and I want to smack him upside the head so, so much. Because he is just as much of a fucking moron as I was.


Tan's brilliance lies not only in the way she can say a lot in very few words, but also in that she is not taking any shortcuts narrating Daron's process. Two steps forward, one step back all the way, baby!