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Daron's Guitar Chronicles Vol 5 Status Updates

Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume Five - Cecilia Tan


It struck me really hard just now: the difference between Daron trying so hard to be a good boyfriend to Jonathan these recent months on the webserial and somehow still failing, and on the other hand how he is effortlessly putting in the emotional investment and behaving like the best boyfriend ever for Ziggy here in Vol 5, while they are not together. He does it without thinking about it, without even recognizing that he is in love with him.


Well played, Ms Tan, well played….



I so love a book that has as much of the story happen in the things that are NOT said as in the things that are. It's like music: it isn't just the notes that are played, but the pauses between them that determine their impact.


How is that for a metaphor for a book about a rock band?



We're back on the road, baby! .....where all important conversations seem to happen in bathrooms.