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For All Waters - Sirivinda Lord, what an exasperating book.... It makes me feel old and wise and jaded. It makes me want to sit down all the characters and go all maternal on their asses. Listen!

*Nobody should get married and/or procreate before they are 27. Have sex, move in together, do whatever the hell you want, but use your effing birthcontrol, don't buy a house, don't burn your bridges, because you need to NOT COMMIT. The percentage of people that are with the person they should be with in their early twenties or before is in the single digits. Your brain is just not cooked enough or whatever, to know what you want and what you need and who is right for you. Case in point: both 'grown up' couples in this book.

*No one should make decisions about their hair while drunk. Britney Spears. 'Nuff said.

*Self-sacrifice is a bad, BAD idea in the long term. No one can do the noble and self sacrificing thing for a decent length of time. Anger, resentment, depression, obesity, weird auto-immune diseases and other physical manifestations of your unhappiness (migraines, back pain, you name it) all lie down that road. Put your mother in a nursing home, send your kids to daycare while you work, or divorce the asshole. Think that is bad? Try screaming 'You ungrateful bitch, don't you know what I have given up for you?', when you finally lose it, and then get a blank look in return. That's right, people, nobody else is going to make you happy but you. (Of course, Antonio does none of these things. Is he a saint? No, he is a flatly written character. Too bad. Missed chance there).

*In order to be able to retire comfortably you need to invest your money wisely. I suggest the Swedish branch of BevMo as a sound investment. Is there no Swedish BevMo? I wanna talk to some people. We should start a franchise immediately and become rich! Rich, I say!