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MERLIN - moonythestrals This one would have even been better had it kept going where it stopped, but since it made me laugh many, many times it gets the magic 5. It's probably funnier if you've seen the first few episodes of the BBC series.

Here's your quote:
*Arthur, business major and frat boy, has picked Merlin as a partner for their Screenwriting 101 seminar*
It turns out that they actually do have to submit a script as the final project. It doesn't particularly surprise Merlin since the seminar is called "Screenwriting Workshop;" what does surprise him is that Arthur has read the syllabus.

"Why?" Arthur asks, when Merlin tells him this during their first meeting in a study room in the business building. It makes Merlin vaguely uncomfortable to be among so many people in suits, but he wasn't going to give Arthur the satisfaction of hearing that.

Merlin shrugs. "You just don't really seem the type."

"What, to actually care about my grades?" Arthur says, and snorts. "Way to judge, dude."

"Hey, I'm just saying - it's pretty obvious that we're both taking this because we have to, so -"

Here Arthur raises a hand. "Woah, wait, wait -" and for the first time since Merlin's met him, Arthur looks kind of disturbed. "You're not a film major?"

"What?" Merlin frowns. "No - I'm in Engineering." Then he adds, "Did you think I was a film major?"

yeah," Arthur answers. "That, or English."

Merlin raises an eyebrow, and Arthur jerks his head in Merlin's direction. "The Chucks, the emo bangs, the girly scarf/neck… thing -"

"Okay, wow," Merlin says, leaning back in his chair and mentally taking back all the reasons why he thought Arthur might have been different from every other frat boy roaming around campus, "first of all, there are so many things wrong with what you just said, I don't even know where to start. And second of all, you were bitching about
me being judgmental?"

"I was trying to be smart about acing this class," Arthur retorts. "That," he continues, waving his hand in a way that's apparently supposed to encompass Merlin's entire person, "is just false advertising."