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The Stone Series - et2brute This one is a little different. In this one Pepper doesn't just get out of the way of Stony. Pepper gets hurt. The other Avengers are not fine and dandy with the Captain screwing one of the team members. Thor is a hard to understand alien entity. Coulson is actually dead.

So Thor has gone to hover over his brother, to maybe have a conversation with him where they can understand each other; and Clint and Natasha, while not actively trying to shut anyone out, are so adept at their silent and implicative brand of conversation that no one else can really be comfortable cutting in; and Bruce and Tony are talking about arc reactors and psycho-magical portals, and on top of that Tony's angry, and ignoring Steve anyway.

And Steve? Steve is so effing lonely he can't follow his own moral compass. So there is guilt. And lots of anger. Things get fucked up and people argue. And in the middle of all that there's a genuine love story.

The story had a few weak spots, but overall I really enjoyed it