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Performance in a Leading Role - Mad_Lori This started out really good, but after the guys got together (at less than 30% into this long, long book) things stopped happening between them and started happening only to them. This was interesting, given the setting, but it stopped being fascinating.

Most of the dramatic things happening to them were also happening off-page on top of that (Sydney, family visits for both of them, Christmas Eve, etc), so we only got to see the subsequent discussion of said events, which is really not as engaging as taking the reader there 'live'. Most of the time both guys were just unflappable, but whenever one did get flapped (usually, but not exclusively, at those same off-page events), things would get smoothed over with reassurances of love and devotion and follow up sex within a couple of paragraphs. *sigh* I skimmed most of the sex after 50%.

A few scenes stand out, such as the accidental coming out and the Oscar ceremony, but apart from those scenes 2/3 of the book reads like an endless epilogue.