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Kushiel's Justice - Jacqueline Carey This book is about Love. Many things happen, but it's really about Love in many of it's shapes and forms. And sex, of course. And then there is a murder and the rest of the book deals with guilt and love and revenge and atonement, all while hunting down the killer.

Carey writes an excellent travel story, but this one went deeper for me. There is barely any traveling in the first half. Writing a good first person narrative is not easy. In Kushiel's Dart, it is a bit of a drawback that the story is told through Phedre's voice, because I feel Joscelin goes through the most personal anguish, but we only catch glimpses of that, making it hard to really feel what they're feeling for each other. Imriel, in this book, goes through all the ups and downs and hell and back and comes out a different person at the end. And you're a witness from beginning to end. Very powerful!

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