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Wraeththu - Storm Constantine This book is why I love goodreads. It's not in my library. If I'd seen it in a bookshop the cover and the back blurb would not have caught my interest. But because it kept appearing in lists on goodreads that other books I enjoyed were on, I noticed it, read reviews on goodreads and decided to read the book. And really enjoyed it. Like I found and enjoyed Mind Fuck before this one. I think my days of aimlessly wandering the library isles, after finishing up all the books of yet another writer, to find something new to pique my interest are over. And I hope that there is much less default crap in my reading future because of that.

So what about this book? One of the weirder scifi ideas out there, and for me, that is good, since I have read so many of them, some of the more standard ones blur together by now. In this one the human race dies out by human men evolving into hermaphroditic beings with psychic powers and sex magic. See, I am not likely to forget that concept anytime soon or start mixing it up with all the other hermaphroditic scifi I've read (my experience being limited to one secondary character in Young Miles and other books in the Vorkosigan saga). The 3 books in this volume deal with the period of transition, for one of the 'guys' telling the story going from boy to Wreaththu, for the young new race trying to figure out what their society should be like and on a side tangent for the earth as humans become scarce and the Wraeththu multiply (yes, they give birth too). Interesting struggle and it makes for good reading. [