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All Clear - Connie Willis I have been lugging this big and hefty book around with me everywhere I go for the last two days. Last night I had to do the trying-to-cook-dinner-while-reading-the-book-at-the-same-time-procedure, which is always very unsatisfactory, because the cooking keeps interrupting, but I just couldn't put it down. Most Connie Willis books have that effect on me. I may not always like how they come out, no guaranteed happy endings (Doomsday Book,Passage), but they suck me in and won't let go. I finished All Clear before bed and then dreamed about it all night.

So this is the latter half of Blackout, which I have reviewed before and don't even try to read one without the other. It's one book, snipped in two. Now that I know how it all turns out, I have to go back and reread them both to pick up on all the stuff I missed the first time around. The story is extremely well crafted, if a bit too lengthy at the end of Blackout and the beginning of All Clear, with the endless wondering and worrying whether anything that happens is a 'discrepancy' (and the first sign of the collapse of the space-time continuum and what have you) and all the running around trying to find the retrieval teams. But I think that is what makes you really, really feel the ending. Excellent books.