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Special Forces (Special Forces, #1-3) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan The five stars for this book (the 'Special Forces - Soldiers' part of it) is not the same like the 5 stars I give to an epic Fantasy book, or Historical Fiction, or whatever other category of 'serious' books you want to use as an example. This book is romance/smut/erotica, whatever you want to call it and extremely explicit at that, and if you know your smut you know that it is one of the harder categories to earn 5 stars in. It is all about tension building and making the reader feel the connection. The tension building in this book is phenomenal. The connection hurts the reader almost physically. This is the first book in as long as I can remember that I started right back at the beginning as soon as I had finished it, even putting off reading the sequels. It is brutal, raw, and it sucks you in with no mercy. I may be off bodice-rippers for the rest of my life.