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With a Bullet (Shadow of the Templar, #3) - M. Chandler The writing is decent, the story is solid, but it is slow.

I've been trying to put a finger on what I am missing in these books....
I think it's that I don't really feel like I am getting into people's heads here. Even thought the POV shifts every chapter, I am getting what they are doing, but barely getting what they are thinking, if at all. That creates a distance I don't like.

When Farraday calls Simon to let him know that he has abducted Jeremy, what do we get? Simon punches a wall in anger and says 'Shit' a few times, then he calls Sandra. Where is his agony? Where is the fear? Where is the sense that Jeremy may be more important than Joe Schmoe to him?

Simon is your typical Alpha male, but if you can't see what he thinks we're stuck just hearing what he says: standard Alpha male put downs. Hence he comes across as more of a dick than he probably is and we keep getting the feeling he could take or leave Jeremy, whatever.

I never thought I'd say this, but this book could use a bit more emo angsty stuff. And more yearning. Definitely more yearning.