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Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville 4.5 stars. While there were a few things about this book that irritated me, like D's heavy accent and the fact that the end just kind of peters out, overall this was very, very enjoyable. Especially compared to some of the other crap produced in this genre. Angsty, but not emo, and the internal dialog rings very true on many occasions, especially Jack's. Unlike many other romances where the internal dialog is limited to mental hand-wringing about the partner's perceived indifference or some stupid misunderstanding that could be solved with a 3 minute honest conversation. Or about the partner's unsuitability in society's eyes or some other nonsense that shows that the protagonist has no internal Voice of Reason whatsoever.

It's refreshing to see Jack wonder if he's only falling for the guy because it would boost his own self esteem if he can 'fix' him, if a guy as closed off as D would let him in. Or, during their separation, wondering whether he just thought he was in love, and what if they get back together and it turns out it was just a heat of the moment thing while they were thrown together? Smart guy, Jack, that is the stuff I'd worry about. D may not be as smart, but he is a lovely broken hero, and his redemption is suitably slow paced to avoid the reader's eye rolling. I always enjoy watching the marble crack.

I understand the writer is working on a sequel. Bad idea, IMHO. While I enjoyed the extra short stories, these guys are together now and that kind of tension won't be recreated in a sequel. Find a new couple to bring together!