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Travelling Blind - Liz,  Josey This book left me mostly unmoved. The writing is odd. For one, there is head hopping like the Easter Bunny on speed, but it is so consistently done (every 3 paragraphs or so), that it feels fairly smooth and predictable. The writing is present tense and very.... staccato. Lots of half sentences, especially when Malcolm thinks/talks. This I usually associate with action scenes and lots of tension, so if we're just discussing Gene Kelly movies in the car, it adds a layer of tension that seems a bit overwrought. Especially because there is barely any tension in the overall story line. It's two guys, one coming off heroin, who don't talk, assume the worst, get upset and make up. Over and over. Insert the sex in either the make up part or the don't talk part. We make a little headway in the not talking/assuming the worst department over the scope of the book, but that is not the most enthralling story arc I've ever read.

I am also thinking that after my last few books in which one of the romantic leads has respectively suffered from alcoholism, homelessness, blindness and now heroin addiction I am ready for some alpha assholes.

I may read the sequels to this later.

Edited: So now I've read the sequels, for which there seem to be no goodreads entry. Anyway, I upped the stars to 3, because the latter books actually have a plot. It's still rough and unpolished and I didn't always understand why the MCs were reacting like they did, but all in all not a bad read. I have a acquired a new pet peeve, though. It's characters that consistently drop the 'I' at the beginning of their sentences.... Want you. Love you. Need you. Didn't mean to hurt you. Need some coffee. Think it's time I start starting my sentences with 'I'.