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In slow motion.

Not the book, the book is good. The relationship between Boyd and Sin. It's like watching Amy Winehouse or Charlie Sheen slowly self destruct, except you actually care. In this book, when I am going car shopping with Boyd and Kassian, instead of getting annoyed that I'm wasting time watching the MC doing something completely irrelevant, I am actually glad I am getting a breather from all the emo stuff. Let's go look at some more BMWs before we get back to the agonizing, shall we?

I haven't been tied in so many emotional knots since Special Forces, I don't think. While ranting and raving at most of the characters at some point or other, I have to admit that no matter how much I just wanted the relationship between the MCs to be fluffy and happy already, it wasn't just that they were being willfully stupid and uncommunicative (a.k.a.emotionial pygmees) like in so many other books. How the relationship was slowly and painfully revealed as dysfunctional and codependent, made everything that happened to it make sense in the end, but unfortunately not any less torturous to watch.

OK, so the book is clunky here and there, and too long, and the amount of inner dialog reaches the ridiculous sometimes, but I am going to give it 5 stars for the exquisite torture the writers put me through.

And a heart felt thanks to Sarasaya and KateMc for the support and comic relief while reading this. Shall we move on to The Interludes? Which, by the way, had better have that warm and fuzzy ending that you promised, Kate!