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Interludes (In The Company of Shadows, #2.5) -  Ais, Santino Hassell While still being completely and totally addictive, this one wasn't as harrowing and gut wrenching as Afterimage, mainly because instead of watching the MCs crash in slow motion, we see them crawling back out of the hole they dug. Yay! And because that happens with some gaps between the separate stories, it's not as hard on your blood pressure. Which is probably a good thing, since I am not sure I could have handled the carnage of another Afterimage.

This series is so much more than your standard m/m fiction. While the main couple takes center stage, like they should, they have a supporting cast of characters who are unbelievably 3D and distinct. There are quite a few of them too (causing the occasional 'who the f*ck is this guy again?' moment, but not so often that it's bothersome). The World Building is very well done, not going into ridiculous info dumps, but providing a very clear setting none the less. And while these may be the most introspective people I have ever read about, that only occasionally seems to get annoying (like at the end of Evenfall). I'm sure it helps with getting so invested in Hsin and Boyd and at least we fully comprehend why they act as stupid as they do, when they act stupid. The story is complex, and fascinating, and has quite a few surprising turns.

This quote from Lois McMaster Bujold came to mind several times:
"The rule for finding plots for character-centered novels, which is to ask: 'So what's the worst possible thing I can do to *this* guy?' And then do it."

So Interludes leaves us with a few cliff hangers. I have been warned not to start Fade yet, because apparently that goes right back into trainwreck territory and it's far from done, but man, am I tempted!

4.5 stars, because, apparently I am a sucker for punishment and I liked Afterimage just a tad more.