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A Matter of Time (#4) - Mary Calmes I really, really liked this series. The only thing it needs is a better editor, a much better editor. The spelling errors are particularly jarring, because they are all real words (so undetected by the spell checker) in the wrong place. Some phrases get repeated too often. We also need about a third of the secondary characters cut, since I honestly can't keep track of all the guys that are chasing Jory and all the women that are not important to the story. Editors are not a luxury, people.

Apart from that I loved the dynamic between Jory and Sam. Even if Jory is TSTL...... Still liked him.

Reread July '11:
Wow, I must have read a load of truly atrociously edited stuff since I read this first a few months ago (and I have, I know I have), because this time around the editing didn't bug me at all. I skimmed the mystery bits, since I already knew whodunnit, and focused on Jory and Sam. Awesome. Love these guys. I want Jory for my BFF and Sam is the ultimate Alpha.