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Blind Items - Kate McMurray First I thought I had a faulty ebook file, because I was sure Blind Items was missing a good number of chapters. But I guess I didn't and it's a shame. The story is engaging, the characters are likable without being annoyingly perfect, their relationship develops believably, but the entire source of conflict lies in the fact that Jonathan's father is running for president with a right wing anti-gay message, so Jonathan needs to stay in a concrete closet without a door. Most of the angst in the book is caused by the fear of 'what's gonna happen when daddy (and the press) find out Jonathan is gay, and loves an outspoken left wing media person'?

So what is going to happen when Jonathan finally comes out? Fuck if I know, because that isn't actually in the book. It stops at the moment Jonathan comes out (with full media coverage). Instead of our heroes happily riding off into the sunset, they ride off into the most difficult part of their relationship with cameras flashing and irate presidential candidates on the phone. It is irritating to say the least that as a reader I get to wring my hands for pages on end in anticipation of all the shit that is going to hit the fan, but then am required to exit stage left before the shithitting commences. A situation similar to this in Tigers and Devils was one of the best parts of that book: It can be done. So I sincerely hope the author is working on an amazing sequel as we speak.

So, if you like your romances without any actual ugliness happening, this one is for you!