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18% Gray  - Anne Tenino This is one exceptionally entertaining book. Excellent SciFi setting where the USA has split into Red States and Blue States, with all their differences almost comically enhanced. Don't expect a grim social commentary though, this book is just the opposite. It is light, funny, and clever. The relationship between Matt and James well done, full of tension and the sex is hot. The story gets intense a few times, but even then it is funny and clever. Laugh out loud funny. Unless you're from Idaho, maybe.

For some people (not me) this may be over the top. We have a titanium tech pantry leg, a guy with ESP going haywire, a talking horse, a boatload of snippy gay cousins in the Queer Extraction Service Association, and a frustrated nympho nun, to name but a few odd elements you don't usually run across in your standard m/m romance. In retrospect, the genre has obviously been missing out by not including these before.

It looks like the story may be setting up for a sequel. We still don't know who or what has been doing this to James and there is Laslo's promise to get Logan out of Idaho ASAP. I'll be first in line to read that one!

A few minor quibbles, which bring my score to 4.5 stars (rounded up for originality): blowjobs on the run should be a no-no, James' father is too predictably a caricature, and when the author herself indicates that the 'I'm no good for you' mopey thing is a cliche, she should stay away from it altogether. Oh and all the acronyms give me a headache. In ebook land I'd love to have an interactive glossary for all of those.