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Muffled Drum - Erastes I never quite connected with this book. Nothing in this book surprised me, except one scene and that was more of a WTF? surprise than a good thing. I liked Matthias, Rudolph was meh, I liked the setting in Germany/Poland, but everything got solved so smoothly that the story just didn't grip me. And then it got stupid.

I was pretty much done with it when Rudolph finally somewhat remembers that he and Matthias have been lovers before he got his amnesia and what does he do when Matthias comes to see him? Does he fall into his arms and tell him he remembers that they were lovers? Does he thank him for sticking by his side even though it must have been so very painful when the man you've been going steady with for 18 months now addresses you as Herr Hoffmann? Does he apologize profusely for mistakenly falling into bed with his ex on his first evening back, and assure him that said ex is now out of the picture? Of course not: Rudolph decides to extract 'vengeance' on Matthias for not telling him before now that they were illicit lovers, even if he's done nothing to let Matthias know he is attracted to him. He does this by pretending he still doesn't remember and to tease Matthias with said ex, even insinuating said ex may still be around. Seriously, Rudolph?!? That seemed like a good plan to you?

Oh no! Now Matthias stomps off and leaves town heartbroken. Now Rudolph wrings his hands moaning that that conversation did not go as planned. No shit, Sherlock. You must be more brain damaged than I was let to believe. Fast forward to Matthias beating himself up and wallowing in guilt for 'abandoning' Rudolph. Blah blah blah, wife dies, children conveniently out of the way, happy reunion.

I'd better shut up before this book loses another star.