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Just Desserts - Scarlet Blackwell This reads like a fucking fairy tale. Literally, like a fairy tale with lots of fucking in it. Like a fairy tale in which the Prince bends Cinderella over the bar halfway through the first waltz and licks whipped cream off her ass. And then declares his undying love, of course. I mean, obviously. She's pretty and she writes a witty e-mail. What's not to love?

The Prince is celebrity fuck-em-all chef Luc who is led around by his dick in truly epic fashion. Apparently there are no laws against l'harrassement sexuelle in Gay Paree, and it is quite alright to fuck your minions and give them raises in return. They're begging for it, after all, the little sluts. Cinderella would be his nemesis and holding-out-for-love food critic Daniel. Although, we actually know more about Cinderella's back story than Daniel's. It is still not clear why he has been ripping Luc apart in the media for months, without apparently ever trying his food. Both guys are as flat as fairy tale characters and the story as predictable.

Bah, enough time spent on this.