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A Solid Core of Alpha - Amy Lane This story, while original and scifi (which me like, usually), just didn't grab me.

Just because everybody in this book spends a lot of time crying, that doesn't mean it is automatically heartbreaking or moving. Maybe I have a heart of stone. But I don't think that is it. Traumatic things happen in this book and the characters respond by bursting into tears (or sometimes puking), but there is something missing in between those two events: the words that translate the emotional impact of the events to reader. I am not sure I can explain it better than that.

Many things made me go 'why?' and 'huh'.
Can a hologram made of light and air currents really rip one's anus?
Why does Anderson get to stay with C.J. when everybody knows he is messed up, why isn't he put under some psychological supervision immediately?
Why is it C.J.'s job to watch the 10 years of vids from Anderson's life? I thought he was a technical specialist.
We keep being told C.J. is amazing at what he does, but if he doesn't believe it himself and we never get to see him in action (except crying over Anderson's video diary) I have a hard time buying that.
Pouty mouth....Instalove..... nuff said.

So anyway. Enjoyable story, but in the end it doesn't turn me hot or cold.