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Change of Heart - Mary Calmes I'll have to read more shifter books, I guess, because I am really, really not getting the ones I've read so far. And I'm not getting why this one is so popular, in particular.

I recently complained there weren't enough rules in some book I read ( This book has taught me that there is such a thing as too many rules too. A quick and dirty word search shows that there are roughly 50 discussions of laws and rules in here. The reason there is so much talk about the rules of pantherhood is because they drive some major plot developments. Especially the fact that no one seems to know the fucking rules, not even the people leading these tribes. Yet, we live and we die by these rules. That we are not familiar with. So deadly mistakes are made. Imagine that.

In fact, Jin seems to be the only one that knows the rules. And I am starting to suspect he's making them up on the fly as they get more and more complicated. Never mind the fact that half the damn rules don't make any sense in the first place. Why would you even have a 'sons of Horus' rule that pits 5 panthers against 1 to settle a dispute? Who were the founding fathers of this particular Constitution and what were they smoking?

Jin is annoying in his waffling. And does Logan say anything in this book that isn't a variation of: 'You are / He is MINE'? Seriously, the man might as well stick with grunting and pointing at his crotch.