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Blood Howl - Robin Saxon, Alex Kidwell This book felt... uneven. Like it couldn't make up its mind about whether it wanted to be emotionally gripping or funny. A lot like Jed, who can't make up his mind about whether he is a angry loner badass or a (pretty lame) comedian. Maybe if I had found him funny it wouldn't have been as bad. As it is, the book gave me whiplash in jerking me in so many different directions.

The plot left me with many questions:
Why did Fil hire Jed in the first place? If he'd just have knocked on Red's door and said: "Hey, I know you're a werewolf, and you seem quite lonely. I run this big pack, we can help you and we'd love it if you join us", I am pretty sure Red would have been in the car before he was finished talking.

Fil, apparently, is, like, totally evil. I don't see why, though. Yes, he's violent. So is Jed. Jed, in fact, blows up pretty much the entire pack in the end: men, women and children. Way to go, Jed. Good thing you're not evil, so you're totally justified.

If Jed is such a dedicated submissive during sex, WTF is he doing with Red? The guy couldn't dominate a chihuahua, in fact, he even submits to cats when he is in wolf form. I know, I know, that's supposed to be funny. But it doesn't help me make sense of this relationship.

Why would Red immediately jump back into bed with Jed after the first rescue? He ran because he couldn't handle the fact Jed didn't love him. Nothing has changed there, but he acts like that's all solved now.

Then there were the clunky writing bits. Like Jed's Jeep getting a name and emotional significance only after it's been blown to bits a few pages back. Sorry, too late.

And this book had probably the largest number of coiti interupti I've seen outside of classic het romance.