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His Faithful Squire - K.D. Sarge I'm being generous with the stars, because it's 2.5 at most. This sequel is in Rafe's voice and while I like Rafe, and he is occasionally funny, I think the author is seriously overdoing it here.

I'd like to propose a drinking game. We drink when:

1. They have fade-to-black sex. This alone will put us all in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. I get it. They still fuck like rabbits after two years together. Do they have to be so annoying about it?
2. One or the other calls the other one 'sweet love' or some other nauseating endearment.
3. Rafe consciously tries to think.
4. Taro beats somebody up.

There you go. That pretty much sums it up. There is another overarching plot line, but since that gets resolved in one good argument, it wasn't that important.