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Second Wind - Mickey S. More like 1.5, but who cares? This was long and rambling and don't get me started on the dialog. Besides the 'Yadayadayada, Ben' 'Blahblahblah', Joey' that always drives me nuts, these people didn't so much talk as lecture. Oh, and let's not forget the 20 month old angelic baby boy, whose worst trait is that he fills his diapers, and apart from that he just happily plays with the dog and takes naps, ne'er a tantrum in sight. Hell, if life with a 20 month old was that easy, I'd have a dozen kids and I wouldn't have still have the bags under my eyes a decade later. If I hadn't been stuck on a campground with no internet access there would be no way I'd have finished this. But I was and I did and I will have forgotten it next month.