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Men Under the Mistletoe - Angela James,  Josh Lanyon,  Harper Fox,  Ava March,  K.A. Mitchell Only the last story in this collection had a real connection to Christmas. And no mistletoe in sight....

My True Love Gave to Me by Ava March 2.5 stars

Okay Regency romance. I tend to like regency and I think it has great potential as a setting for m/m, it being a hanging offense back then and all, but I have not often seen it done well. The problem I had with this story is that Alexander's change of heart came about really abrupt and the story ended abrupt too.

Winter Knights by Harper Fox 4.5 stars

Best story of the bunch. I really, really enjoyed this one, even if the sex scenes didn't do too much for me. I love the references to the Arthurian stories, obvious and not-so-obvious (like how Gavin/Gawain and Piers/Parsifal's personalities match those in the old stories). I love Gavin's journey of self reflection. Well worth it.

Lone Star by Josh Lanyon 3 stars

It's Josh, so the writing is good, but the story was a bit devoid of real life messiness. Twelve years apart, but no catching up to do? Nothing has changed, so we're right back where we started?

The Christmas Proposition by K.A. Mitchell 3.5 stars

Liked the story. Liked the Christmassy feel of it. Liked the sex. It's just that the end felt really tacked on. It should have ended at the wedding.