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Galley Proof - Eric Arvin I must be in a pissy mood, because while this book was reasonably entertaining while reading it, it is hitting some fairly significant WTF? buttons the more I think about it. Parts of this book are meant to be funny and parts are meant to be insightful. I am not saying they aren't. I am saying many of them caused a niggle of discomfort while reading it. And when I finished it made me wonder if I even liked these people. I don't think I do. Or maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the bed with PMS. Overall, the book felt.... callous. For lack of a better word.

A few examples of the niggles of discomfort that seemed more callous in the morning:

1) Logan visits Brocks family and has a conversation with Brock's dad in which dad expresses concern about how Brock is really doing, underneath all the clowning around. This is apparently the one time dad has been lucid in years, the rest of the time he is seemingly a vegetable. Not only does Logan not tell Brock about this (because it would be painful: Brock hasn't talked to dad in years) he tells no one else. WTF? Don't think this is important for his medical care? Don't think his family is starving for a sign of life from him? Don't think it would go a long way towards relieving Brock's guilt and emotional healing if he knew his dad was concerned about him? But this is none of Logan's concern, obviously. Dad is just a prop.

(This is also the weirdest stroke I've ever seen. In my experience stroke victims don't have 'lucid' moment or regain the ability to speak for little bits at a time. It sounds more like those people in 'Awakenings' or even an odd form of Alzheimers.)

2) During the same visit, Logan gets so drunk he sings in falsetto and shows his dick to the gathered family to prove he isn't a castrate. He remembers nothing about this the next day. Apparently he didn't puke all over people, which usually goes with this level of drunkenness, so it's all good fun. Nobody seems concerned that Logan can't pace himself while drinking and that he doesn't seem to give a fuck if he makes a complete ass out of himself in front of his potential in-laws to be. Including Logan. No cringing in embarrassment. No worries about what Brock and/or the family thinks about him acting completely out of character. With his level of anal retentiveness, I would have expected Logan to be upset about such a loss of control, but apparently this is no BFD for anybody. FYI: I'm not inviting any of these people to any of my parties.

3) Jayne's games with the Jehova's Witnesses and the Mormons on her street were supposed to be the funny part of the book. What this story line really told me was that A) Jayne, sadly, has no life, and B) Jayne doesn't give a rat's ass about respecting the personal dignity of these particular people of faith. I would not call myself a person of faith or even a Christian on sunny days with rainbows, and while I don't mind a little (pointless) discussion with these people once in a while, to put on such an elaborate ruse to fuck with their heads is actually pretty reprehensible.

And then she goes and has a threesome with one of each, setting the house of fire and agreeing with them it was God's punishment for their sinning, because she was done with them and hey, there's a cute firefighter. Way to go, Jayne. Now there are two more religious zealots who are convinced to their core that women are Evil Seductresses and that it is only right that their Elders feel the moral obligation to strictly enforce regulation of the access to vaginas and their owners. Just what the world needs. But never mind, Jayne, you had your fun, so it's all good, girl.

Now, saddest of all, Jayne has learned absolutely zilch from this whole charade. She still has no life that I can discern. So it was pointless, from beginning to end, except for the fact that she screwed over a whole bunch of people in the process.

There is more, but I think I've made my point. It's fairly entertaining and it's not bad enough for me to completely rip it to shreds. But the longer I sit here, the more likely that is going to happen.