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Ghost - Carole Cummings Good, solid fantasy set in an interesting world. I did this book no favors by reading it little bits at a time, but sometimes that is just how life works. It is very much a first book in a series, not much gets resolved. Instead, we're putting the pieces on the board and defining the players. I have absolutely no problem with this, it's what I expect from a fantasy series, but I am sure there are romance readers out there who will get pissed off by the lack of resolution and 'forcing the reader to buy the next book'. If that is you, consider yourself forewarned. This book follows the structure of a fantasy series, not a romance series.

The book is also adhering to the fantasy standards, rather than romance, in featuring a supporting cast of strong secondary characters who are sometimes given the POV. The character voices are nice and distinct and add considerably to the world building. The UST between the main characters is nicely stretched without going into the ridiculous and when it does 'happen' it doesn't involve any magic dicks that solve all problems. Plenty of stuff still work out in future books.

The only bone I have to pick with this book is that the inner dialogue in action scenes goes way overboard sometimes. A paragraph or two? Fine. A page or two? Not so fine. If I have to go back to see what the question was again that is being answered after pages of consideration, that is a problem. I don't mind pages of inner dialogue when the character is staring out a window, but during a conversation, I mind. The result is that the book often feels slow, even when it shouldn't.

I am very much looking forward to the next book!