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Bless Us With Content - Tinnean I'm afraid I'll end up killing this book with faint praise. Sorry.

This book was not at all like I expected after having read Mann of My Dreams, which is a good thing in this case. It does not have the editing problems that book had and neither does it veer off into increasingly unlikely lalaland. Two excellent points in its favor!

It is also not quite as stupid as other m/m regencies I've read (Kindred Hearts, Muffled Drum). But neither is it good enough to be the book I am waiting for in this sub-genre. It is well written and entertaining, but it has problems.

The main problem in this book is that Geo remains a mystery. To us, but also to Ashton. They have a little heart to heart about his mom at some point but that is pretty much it in getting to know him. Why does he propose this business deal to Ashton? What does he feel for Ashton, and why, and when did that start? Where does he go when he goes? It's like having a romance novel where one of the MCs is a cardboard cutout. This book would have been greatly improved by having a few chapters from Geo's POV. Maybe Tinnean has been traumatized by all the bitching about showing EVERYTHING from two POVs in Mann of My Dreams, but seriously, there is a middle road. And it should be taken in this case. If your MCs are reserved English regency dudes (read: minimal communication, unless inebriated) the lack of communication is obviously a plot driver and a source of conflict. Which is fine, as long as you manage to communicate to the reader what they don't communicate to each other. Else we're all left in the cold.

Another thing that bugged me is that there is not a single female in this book that does not fall somewhere in the range between pathetic and spoiled bitch. In fact, the HEA for the MCs is created by removing ALL females from their life together, not in the least the potential future female necessary to produce an heir. Except for the scullery maid and other female lowlife, I'm sure. Good riddance?