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It's More Like SciFi, Really - Freak Perfume Instead of reviewing this, I am just going to list some of my favorite quotes.

*His hair was a bigger disaster in the morning than ever before, he had let Gwen talk him into growing it out more and it was currently at shoulder length. It still stuck up in every direction making him resemble an electrified Persian when he woke up, but it was easier to manage.

*He was not amused. The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting, it was a beautiful fucking day. How dare it? How dare it be pleasant while his head pulsed in time with God save the sodding Queen?

*It was a bit awkward. Well, a bit was putting it mildly. The only way it could be more awkward was if there were actually an overhead sign spelling out 'awkward'.

*What made it even worse was that Max made no mention whatsoever of the herd of hormone-driven talking tits with lip gloss
at all, like they weren't right there salivating over his un-professorish musculature which was not theirs to salivate over.

*"I can't believe that after all this time you are still a source of my humiliation. One would expect things to go in my favour once I offer up my body to the cause, but no, of course not, let's all mercilessly emasculate Rhys because he is such a lovely victim for verbal and mental abuse," he muttered.
"Rhys," Max said with exaggerated patience, "my toenails are currently candy apple red with teal stripes. It's not your masculinity under attack in this instance."