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Lancelot And The Wolf (The Knights Of Camelot, #1) - Sarah Luddington This book kept careening between 2.5 and 4 stars, so I settling for 3 in the middle, I guess. I liked the take on the Arthur story (we're talking the traditional Arthur story here, not the 'Merlin' BBC series). I liked Lancelot's tortured take on things, even if he caused his own problems with falling in love with at least 3 people and failing to keep his dick in his pants. I even started liking the female sidekick later in the book. I liked the action movie atmosphere with plenty of blood, pain, and dismemberment. I think at least half the chapters end with one of the MCs unconscious and/or severely hurt. Even the Nazgul show up!

What I didn't like were the Fey fucking over the humans with their Feyish sex-magic. Too many fantasy books in my past to find that of much interest still. Also annoying was the frequency of the 'I love you's. Wading in them knee-deep, it seemed. Since most of them are actually 'I love you, but...' it gets a bit tiresome. And the editing.... *sigh* Random commas and to/too confusion, that just shouldn't happen as much as it does here. Jerks me out of the story every time.

Still, I may read the sequels to this.

So for those of you who want to know these things: there's both m/f and m/m sex. It mildly graphic, but doesn't last longer than a paragraph or two.