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Jerome K. Jerome
The Complete Sherlock Holmes with an introduction from Robert Ryan
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Truthful Change - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow First half 4 stars. Second half 1 star. Blergh.

All that beautiful conflict: Relationship rut! Deception! Cheating! Lies! Unwelcome needs! In over your head! Attracted to a BAMF! All that beautiful conflict goes poof! in a big pink sparkly cloud of no-one-gets-hurt-breakups, badasses-turned-into-considerate-saps, auntie-sophie-we-wuv-yous, only-the-bad-guy-gets-hurt-in-the-car-chases, i-was-going-to-give-up-my-job-anyways-so-now-we-can-be-togethers and a fucking FBI agent who turns into a 'brat'.

Lord, save me from the motherfucking goddamn 'brats' in m/m....