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Captive Prince: Volume Two (Captive Prince, #2) - S.U. Pacat In this volume Captive Prince really begins to shine. It starts with Damen and Laurent riding for the restless border region at the head of a ragtag army filled with Laurent's uncle's men. While telling the story of how the two men try to survive the uncle's machinations, prevent a war between their countries, and while yet more layers of political intrigue are exposed, it does an excellent job of showing the increasing fascination and attraction between these two.

Laurent is like a jewel: all beautiful, hard and sharp edges that wound and cut, with different facets revealed as the story unfolds. Damen is the forceful, straightforward, honorable man who is smart and perceptive enough to follow and admire the twists and turns of Laurent's exceptional mind. He is steady enough to withstand the inevitable fallout. About midway through the book the Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST) starts oozing off the pages and what happens when it happens it brilliantly in character and very moving. Best sex I've read in a long time. And that is because of the journey these men have made through the course of these two books. This may possibly be the best Enemies-to-Lovers story I've read. No magic dicks. No 'sex solves everything'.

Whatever version of these books you read: free online, paperback or ebook, make sure you get your hands on the 'extended chapter 19' in the ebook. It's essential.

Now. Where is my book 3?!?