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White Buffalo Calf Warriors - Rose Christo Why why WHY was this written as a funny book? I didn't want it to be funny. The humor didn't work for me, too slapsticky, too many ridiculous people, and I am probably too old for it (since this is YA). And it kept interfering with the genuinely moving parts of this book.

The story line is quite good and has a ton of potential. Tommy, a 20 year old Cree boy gets help from Micah, a 20 year old New Amish boy to chase and capture a white buffalo calf all over the state of Montana. Road trip + three way culture clash + personality clash + coming of age + sexual tension. What more can you possibly want? And it's all there between the 'comedy of error' bits. And I liked how all the different subcultures were shown in their diversity. While many of the people in this book talk and act ridiculous, their culture is never depicted as such.

Yes, despite the total humor fail, I liked this book. All the stars are for Tommy. Tommy deserves a dozen stars. Fragile, too kind for his own good Tommy. Tommy who hates letting anyone down. Tommy who faints when he's scared and who gets scared easily. Tommy who wants to be a hero. Tommy, the idealist. Tommy who loves colorful fabrics and who likes to knit. Tommy who is not girly or twinky and not a 'brat'. Tommy who doesn't whine, who is not full of angst. Tommy who takes the casual verbal abuse from his family in stride. Tommy who is young, but not childlike. Tommy really deserves a more serious book.