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Space Escapes - Angela Fiddler I am only halfway through the first story and that may be as far as I am going to get, so I might as well jot my thoughts down before I lose track of all the WTF? moments in here. I generally love scifi and I love m/m and I have the seen the two combined very successfully by [a:Manna Francis|962319|Manna Francis|] and [a:Sonny Ais], for instance, although I have yet to read something with space ships and man-love that I enjoyed. While this one is based on a relatively intriguing idea (an evil brotherhood of clones taking over the universe) the execution hits so many of my pet peeves it's like eating a sandwich at the beach. It might have been enjoyable if it wasn't for all the sand between my teeth.

The first paragraph reads like the back cover blurb. At first I thought it was. We then get a so called dream sequence which is one giant info dump. Because people dream about the detailed history of evil clone brotherhoods all the time, of course. Then we have a pretty much wholly unconcerned protagonist, Jack, running away from said brotherhood and the army of assassins that they're sending after him. He hooks up with a young military guy, Edge (where is Bono?) who, in a little two paragraph head hopping interlude, turns out to be one of said assassins. Despite the fact that Jack is mostly abrasive towards him, he decides to hold off on killing him because, virgin clone that he is, he wants to get in his pants. After 2 blowjobs and right before any actual fucking takes place Edge realizes what that strange feeling is:

It was love! But was it enough to keep him from killing Jack? Perhaps more importantly, would he surrender himself to this something and have it change everything? Was love worth it?

This is after we've spent a total of about 4 paragraphs in Edge's head, tops. He doesn't waste time with the easy questions, our Edge. Now we have two clones who are supposed to be incapable of feeling love pursued by the aforementioned brotherhood, because of the development of said lovin' feelings. Not that we are ever shown the protags having those feelings, we're just being told that they do. Sure. But I don't really buy it. Commiserating repeatedly on someone's 'sweet ass' and the fact that they like to rim unwashed holes does not scream LOVE to me. I don't feel what they are feeling, and what they are supposed to be feeling barely makes sense to me. Neither does their clunky dialog, which has so many WTF? moments I can't be bothered to list them here. On top of that all the words with even slight emphasis are in italics and that gets really annoying!

I just can't. DNF.