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Gravitational Attraction - Angel Martinez Not going to finish this. Big Gorgeous Uber-Alpha with a gentle soul and Small Beautiful Wounded Heart Beta whom everybody just adores. Everybody is good and honorable and understanding, except the one token bad guy who wants to ruthlessly exploit Big Gorgeous Uber-Alpha for his special mind powers. All the good peoples are just shocked by any use of violence and thankfully even the fighter pilot working for the evil Admiral escapes his plane just before BGUA is forced to rip it to shreds with his mind. Because, you know, he is just following orders and can't be blamed for Evil Admirals nefarious actions, so he's not really a bad guy and doesn't deserve to die.

First it's hurt/comfort for the big guy, then it's hurt/comfort for the little guy, so if you enjoy that kind of dynamic this could be good news for you, because at 63% where I quit we're still in the thick of that.

There is also the whole destined-soul-mate thing going on. Which never works for me. It seems like the author just expects the reader to swoon at how romantic it is to find your true-love-forever and just know he's the one. For me it kills any tension between the MCs completely dead. No confusion, no doubt, no internal conflict. The worst of the conflict between the MCs boils down to:

"I am so sorry you got hurt by the bad guys, you wouldn't have gotten hurt if it wasn't because of how much I love you, it's all my faaaauuuuuuult"

"Nonono, it's not your fault, I shouldn't have done whatever I did, you are good and wonderful and I love you".