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Not as good as the first one.

A Seditious Affair - K.J. Charles

K.J. Charles is without a doubt one of the most solid writers of historical m/m. I know there are others out there and I would like to say I enjoy them too, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t really. There is just more meat on the bones of a Charles book.


This is book two in the series that started with A Fashionable Affair and like that book it deals with a volatile period in British history when the common people started rebelling against the aristocracy. Where the first book dealt with someone elevated from the common class to the aristocracy, this one is about the affair between Dominic, an aristocrat who works at the home office, charged with bringing in the rebel rousers and Silas, one of the most wanted seditionists. That makes for a tense affair, for sure.


As good as this was, it wasn’t my favorite. Mostly because of the D/s relationship between Silas and Dominic, which just isn’t something that I find personally fascinating. Many people will feel differently, I know, and those people will probably have more interest in how that particular relationship develops. For me, the character I liked the best in this was Julius, who steals every scene he is in. So it won’t surprise you that I liked the previous book better. However, this was still a solid story set at an interesting time in history and well worth the read.