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Quite Good

Planetfall - Emma Newman

This book is quite deceptive in the way it lures you in with thinking there's just something in the past that is this tragic secret, bla bla omg, and the author just doesn't want you to know it yet to build tension, and that is going to be the only story line of note. Not that there aren't tragic secrets, there are tragic secrets galore, but as reader you go from 'yeah, yeah, just tell me already so we can move on' to 'what the fuck is going on here?'. And meanwhile, almost without realizing it, the tension builds and builds until in the last quarter it almost strangles you and there's no fucking way you're going to put this book down until it's done.

Taking off half a star for the ending that is a little too 'wait, what?' and the slow start, but this is really one of the best SF novels I've read in a while. I hope the Sad Puppies won't interfere with the awards next year, because woman author with black gay female protag wouldn't cut it for them and this deserves some recognition at least.